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Automate project suckage away

How much tedious work is involved in setting up and developing individual projects at your work? In my first post I wrote about how much tedious work is involved in setting up a new machine, now let’s dig a little deeper to the project level. Automation at the project level is very much in line with Zach Holman’s talk on automating machine setup. In his talk he mentions that each project has it’s own setup scripts to get things up and running quickly.

Chocolatey machine setup

How well automated is your machine setup process? After watching Zach Holman’s excellent video Unsucking Your Teams Development Environment I got to thinking about the setup process we have at Extend Health (who is hiring, come work with us!). While we’ve always talked about smoothing out the process of setting up a new machine, we’ve never actually gotten around to it. That is, until now. For GitHub, they use what they call The Setup which is a Ruby script that uses Puppet to manage all their machines.