I’ve never paid much attention to podcasts. Up until a few months ago I was commuting to work by train and used that time to either read books, or play games. All of that has been great and I’ve enjoyed the time I have had to read, relax, or learn something new. Recently, I’ve had to begin commuting to work which completely threw the routine I had developed.

Since I can’t really read or play games commuting, I had to find another alternative. I remembered my iPhone has a Podcasting app built in so I decided to dive in. After a bit of Googling, I came across Developer on Fire and decided to give it a spin. The very first episode I listened to was with Woody Zuill. By the time I had pulled into the parking lot, I had an idea I had learned from the podcast I wanted to share with my team.

That experience hooked me on how useful a Podcast can be. I spend so much time commuting each day and I don’t want to be wasting that time only driving. Since then I’ve been searching for a range of podcasts to listen to. Here are the podcasts I’m currently listening to.

  1. .NET Rocks!
  2. Another Round
  3. CodeNewbie
  4. Developer On Fire
  5. Developer Tea
  6. Edit Your Life
  7. Hanselminutes
  8. New Rustacean
  9. The Psychology Podcast
  10. This Developers Life

Not Just Development Podcasts

At first, I was just listening to Developer on Fire and Developer Tea but it has been great to expand that list with a few podcasts on other topics I’m interested in. For example, The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman is a great podcast that focuses on a range of topics in psychology. Some great episodes have been on understanding and supporting people with ADHD and learning about the concept of Grit.

Edit Your Life is also a great podcast about simplifying and decluttering your life. Hosts Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh have episodes on varying topics from parenting, personal finances and general relationship tips. I’ve found their episodes to be fun and very informative.

Really branching out and listening to more than just podcasts has been a really great and informative time. I’ll wrap this up now, but if you have any podcasts you enjoy, please let me know on Twitter!