Articles I’ve liked in the past month (5 to be exact).

  • Announcing the HashiCorp Releases API
    • I wish Microsoft would do this for .NET.
  • Your CLI wish is our command 🪄💫
    • Some more details on how the op CLI works. I’m intrigued! I already use the op CLI to pull secrets with 1Password 7 but it is very manual and a bit clumsy. I’m curious how this compares.
  • SSH and Git, meet 1Password 🥰
    • This looks to be very promising! I’ll be a bit honest though, I’m scared to upgrade to 1Password 8 since they’ve moved it to an Electron app. I’m hearing some pretty disappointing performance issues from those who upgraded from the native 1Password 7 macOS app. I’m not as convinced it’s time to move off 1Password, but I’m definitely cautious.

      That said, I’m very interested in the native SSH key support since I keep a few of mine in 1Password already. I’m also curious to see if they improve their GPG key support as well because I find it a bit clumsy how I have to store my GPG keys in 1Password today.

  • Celebrate tiny learning milestones
    • I love the way Julia frames this post. I have a tendency to make big goals for myself and then not complete them and I haven’t thought about the small milestones along the way! I’ve had a goal to learn Swift but haven’t really met that lofty goal. Instead, I did learn about how macOS apps work and how to use interface builder. I built a small pomodoro macOS app using Swift that I was able to compile and use on a different Mac I own. I also learned how to build a SwiftUI app and made a small gauge to use for my pomodoro app. All great milestones I should celebrate!
  • How to get out of the tech debt bottleneck
    • A good introdcution to how a team can run into bottlenecks as they scale up. Many of these resonate with the team I’m on right now. I started right after they got acquired and we’re definitely running into a few of the bottlenecks listed here. I’m curious to see how future articles in this series will be.