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Using Tailscale with an Azure Linux VM and Terraform

I learned about Tailscale from Scott Hanselman’s excellent Podcast Hanselminutes. Since it supports macOS, iOS / iPadOS, Linux, and more I quickly got a simple network created between my devices at home. The setup was completely effortless, and I was able to securely communicate between my devices at home or away. Awesome! I also have a small Azure Subscription that I use to host this website and to play around with Azure itself.

Azure Web App for Containers Using Terraform

Recently at work I have been tasked with helping our organization transition from our traditional on-premises infrastructure to Azure. To do that, I’ve been learning how to automate our infrastructure by using HashiCorp’s Terraform. Terraform was introduced to me by a few members of our infrastructure team and I’ve found it quite fun to work with. As I’ve been working on what direction we’d like to head, I’ve focused on new apps using Platform as a Service, specifically Azure Web Apps.